“As an experienced Midwife, Mum of 3, Hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing Practitioner, I am passionate about birth and empowering women to welcome their baby in a calm, positive way”  (Hannah Barnes. Calm Births Founder)


Who is it for? 

The straight answer? Anyone who is expecting a baby! You may be pregnant for the first time, and the reality of birth is starting to freak you out a bit. You may have had birth experiences already, but have made the decision that you'd like things to be different this time round.

Either way - you have made the decision to TAKE CONTROL of this birth experience, and make it absolutely the most POSITIVE, CALM and AMAZING experience it can be.

You want to KNOW what it happening, to feel in CONTROl of the experience, and have techniques to allow you to feel CALM the whole way through.

This course is designed to do all of that and MORE!!! 

Hypnobirthing Online

What's included?

In your FREE first module, you will learn exactly what is happening to the body during labour and pregnancy, how it's designed to work and how we mess it up. You will also have access to a lovely mini Relaxation MP3 - you can access your FREE first module right now by clicking here if you'd like to get a taster.

Following your FREE first module, you have the opportunity to access a further three modules - in these we will cover:

  • Amazing Hypnotherapy techniques to leave you feeling calm in any situation

  • What is happening at each stage of labour

  • Tips & techniques on how to get the best out of each phase physically & mentally

  • Midwives secrets about birth that leave you feeling in the know

  • Breathing techniques to reduce anxiety

  • Breathing techniques for labour and birth

  • What happens in the early days after giving birth - the stuff no-one tells you

  • Four Beautiful Relaxation MP3's

  • A positive affirmations mp3  

Hypnobirthing Online

Having completed this course you will feel 100% confident in your body, and trust that you can give birth calmly and easily, and that you can deal with any situation. Here is what a recent client of the online course had to say:

I have very much enjoyed the course and it has helped me 100% to feel more positive about the birth. As a young first mum (21) I did not feel comfortable attending classes due age but also finding the time was difficult as I was still working. To have an online course has been fantastic as I could complete in the comfort of my own home and when I had a spare moment.

I always wanted try Hypnobirthing but was previously just watching videos on Youtube  which did not provide me with the detail or practises that your course gives.  The information you provide in your modules is very helpful and you have made the course very enjoyable to read/listen to. I love the fact that I am able to go back to the modules at any point  and it works through my IPhone. 

I will be recommending this course to any expecting mother as it has helped me a lot. 

Thank you again Hannah.


Ok - But how much does it cost?!

After you have completed and LOVED your first FREE module, the access to ALL of the above content and Relaxation MP3's is just £49!!! You can access the modules as many times as you like, for as long as you like. You will also have access to a closed Calm Births Parents Facebook Group where you will find support and advice from other Calm Births parents.